We investigate chromatin regulation and

its subsequent gene expression 

in cardiomyocyte differentiation, neurodevelopment, and cancer.


One Genome, Multiple Epigenomes (Reprogramming cardiomyocytes for regeneration)

When cardiomyocytes differentiate from embryonic stem cells, these two different types of cells have an identical genotype but exhibit distinct phenotypes. This is due to the difference in gene expression and epigenetics is to study how cells regulate gene expression in a context-dependent manner.

We are investigating how heterochromatin is regulated during cardiomyocyte differentiation. Our goal is to understand how cells adapt to the new environment to protect cells from mechanical stress and become functional cardiomyocytes. This basic understanding will provide new therapeutic approaches to cure heart-related diseases.

We are investigating new biological pathways and mechanisms that promote cardiomyocyte regeneration.


We learn multidisciplinary experimental approaches.


An enthusiastic team