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(Yoon/Lim et al., MedRxiv, 2024)

Our first research paper is now online. We evaluated de novo HDAC3 variants found in neurodevelopmental disorders. These variants show defects in HDAC activity, protein-protein interactions and cellular localization.



30. Yoon JY*, Lim SK*, Seo H, Lee S, Cho J, Kim SY, Koh HY, Poduri AH, Ko JM, Han D, Chae JH# and Lee CH#. (2024) De novo HDAC3 variants leading to epigenetic machinery dysfunction are associated with a neurodevelopmental disorder
[submitted, preprint at MedRxiv :]

29. Gracia-Diaz C, Zhou Y, Yang Q, ~~~, Lee CH, ~~~, Bhoj EJ, Martinez-Balbas MA, and Akizu N (2023) Gain and loss of function variants in EZH1 disrupt neurogenesis and cause dominant and recessive neurodevelopmental disorders. Nature Communications, 14(1):1409.


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     a. #18 and #19 are back-to-back papers in Molecular Cell.
     b. #19 was selected by Dr. Cigall Kadoch (Harvard) for Faculty of 1000 (3 stars).  
until 2017

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